Phase One Intros World's First Full-Frame Medium Format 645 Camera


While Swedish medium format camera giant Hasselblad plans to introduce a full-frame 645 sensor in 2009, a major rival has beaten them to the punch. Monday, Denmark-based Phase One announced its Phase One P 65+ 65MP digital back and camera system.

Fast Facts About the P 65+

The P 65+ features a new Sensor+ image sensor with a physical size of 53.9 x 40.4mm and a resolution of 8984 x 6732 pixels. The P 65+ outputs a 180MB file with 12.5 f-stops of dynamic range. The wide dynamic range capabilities of the new sensor enable a broader range of lighting effects in a single picture to be captured accurately.

The P 65+, which, like the Hasselblad H3DII-50, will be available in October, uses pixels that are the same size (6x6 micron) as the H3DII-50's 50MP image sensor.

Phase One Cameras and Lenses

Phase One cameras are designed to use Mamiya Sekor 645 Digital, AFD, and MF lenses, and can also be adapted to use Hasselblad V-series and 200 series lenses, as well as Pentacon 6 lenses.

More information about Phase One and Hasselblad's latest cameras will be available during the Photokina world of imaging exhibition in October.

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