Phanteks Enthoo Primo Chassis Will Hit the Market Next Month



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Kinda seems like these huge desktop Pcs with 10 fans and tons of space are like Lambordinis driving around on a crowded California Freeway. A small Itx case with a 780 and all in one liquid cooler will provide 99% of gamers all they need in performance, take up virtually no space and look much much better doing it. My next desktop will likely be a Ft03-mini silverstone with one 780, one ssd, one liquid cooler and one fan, no optical. I can fit it anywhere, I can clean it easily, I can even take it easily on a plane or anywhere else for that matter and take off all the sides in 10 seconds with no tools! So in reality my little Mini Itx can do more then this Huge Case like a Decathalete Athlete while a Big Case is like a 1 trick pony! Less is more and really is overkill to buy anything more, I know you can to have bragging rights or something to do as a hobby but needing and wanting are different animals. I can also have my local computer shop do it for a couple of hundred bucs and let them worry about any problems that arise with a 3 year warranty by just dropping it off and picking it up later that day or the following just like you would with a Car. And my Mac Book Pro can do it all better ( kidding!)



While I do agree with a lot of what you are saying, I don't agree with your analogy. This case is more like a '69 Camaro that you build from the ground up while upgrading components that increase it's performance, handling, safety, etc. A Lamborghini is akin to a Falcon Northwest or Power PC custom rig. Does someone need the fastest and latest components? Probably not. But that would not make him/her a PC enthusiast. For everyone else, there is the Honda Civic.



I have a Lian Li PC-Q18B mini itx case with a 2600k at 4.4ghz on an H60 cooler with a gtx 590, 16 gigs of ram, a 240 gig boot ssd, and (my favorite) a raid 10 set up with four 2 terabyte hard drives. This is a Tiny machine that packs more punch than a lot of full size rigs. So I completely agree with you. Why all the big machines?!?!



Because you can make a dream machine in a big case :P



My RV03 is just a year old, so I won't be getting one of these, but if it had existed a year ago, I think it would have been a top contender. Love the look and all the features.



The way they showed water cooling solutions they totally eliminated PSU...



It actually doesn't. The PSU is mounted sideways and behind the bottom intake fans. It's hard to see until about 2:12. There are better pictures on the website. I hope they make one in white.