Phanteks Previews Stealthy Enthoo Primo Chassis with Hidden Drive Trays

Paul Lilly

Dude, where's my storage?

Phanteks isn't a name that jumps out when you think about computer cases or peripherals. Somehow the company has managed to fly mostly under the radar since it was established in 2007, but if its upcoming Enthoo Primo case lives up to the hype, it will have to get used to sitting in the limelight. The Enthoo Primo is an exercise in stealthy case design, and one of its main features is that it hides your hard drives out of view. It's also the company's first crack at a chassis, as it's been focused on cooling products up to this point.

We don't have a ton of details to share just yet because the case hasn't been officially announced, though Planteks has uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube previewing the upcoming chassis. Check out this overview:

In addition to hiding storage drives and having a thermally enclosed area for the power supply, the Enthoo Primo looks to offer plenty of cable cutouts to route wires out of the way, and is equipped with a good amount of cooling options, including for both air and water.

Here's a walk-through highlighting some of the finer details:

Stay tuned -- we'll have more information to share as it becomes available in the coming weeks.

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