PETA Attacks Another Videogame, Developer Says "Thank You"

Nathan Grayson

Welcome back, everyone, to another installment of “PETA Says The Darndest Things.” Having already planted its flag in everything from World of Warcraft to Cooking Mama , the animal rights activist group has now taken aim at Super Meat Boy, an indie platformer whose main character – as you might expect – is made entirely of meat. Titled “ Super Tofu Boy ,” PETA's recipe for hop 'n' bop with a spicy hint of protest – in an utterly shocking twist – casts Meat as the villain . Profound, we know.

So, with a flash game that shamelessly uses its characters staring it in the face, how do you think developer Team Meat responded? Lawsuit, right? Wrong. Turns out, this is exactly what Team Meat wanted.

“Peta is 1000 times more well known than Super Meat Boy and the fact that they went out of their way to make a parody like this is beyond flattering and amazingly helpful. First off I want to thank Peta for helping us turn Super Meat Boy into a household name and of course for making themselves look quite foolish in the process,” said Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen in a statement.

And so, as a show of gratitude, Super Tofu Boy has been granted playable character status in Super Meat Boy. Just type “petaphile” in the protein-packed platformer's character select screen and he's all yours.

“How many Peta members does it take to change a lightbulb?” Team Meat added as a parting shot on Twitter .  “None, Peta can't change anything.”

And that, PETA, is why you never pick on the small, seemingly defenseless indie folks; back them into a corner and they have absolutely nothing to lose.

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