Peggle Nights? For Free? Sign Us Up!

Maximum PC Staff

Or, if you’re feeling particularly selfish, sign yourself up. See, here’s how it works: if you sign up to receive PopCap’s Passport newsletter, you can then gift a free copy of Peggle Nights "to a friend or relative."

But let’s be honest, here. If your friends are cool, they read Maximum PC. So, of course, they’re thinking, “Hey, I should take advantage of this great deal and use it to show my undying appreciation for my most memorable of pals, [INSERT FRIEND HERE].” Next thing you know, you and your friend who probably owns a cutting-edge PC which he/she put together him/herself using one of many helpful guides are exchanging gifts, only to discover that you’re both gunning for brownie points with the same gift . Awkward!

We don’t want you to have to suffer through 15 excruciating seconds of awkward silence, so -- getting to the point of this whole spiel -– we’re going to diffuse this ticking time bomb by suggesting that you simply send a copy of the game to another one of your own email accounts. Phew. Close one.

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