Peek Offering Leftover Devices to Hackers

Ryan Whitwam

The Peek was a bizarre device from the start. In an age when devices are converging and the smartphone rules the pocket, the Peek was a single use email device. Now that the Peek service has been killed, CEO Amol Sarva has let it be known that the company is planning to unload a few thousand of the devices on hardware modders and hackers. You just have to drop him a line.

The Peek is a portrait QWERTY device with a small QVGA screen, sluggish ARMv7 processor, and a GSM cellular radio. By no means is this a super-device, but it might just be perfect for a determined hacker. Sarva said Peek might even throw in some development tools to help people make something cool out of the Peek. Apparently they will need all the help they can get, because even Sarva admits the OS “sucks.”

Interested parties should email Sarva at to express interest. A developer will get in touch with you later. It’s not clear if the company is looking to sell the units cheap, or just give them away. Anyone going to try getting one?

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