Peek at AMD's Socket G34 and Future Roadmap


What sort of crafty tricks can AMD be working on to get them out of their slump? A little poking around finds some juicy details in a report from on a new socket architecture to support AMD’s planned 8 and 12 core CPUs in 2010. Socket G34 has supplanted the planned G3 socket that was to replace Socket F (1207). As far as AMDs documentation goes, G3 ceased to exist in March 2008.

Socket G34 will support AMDs two new 2nd generation 45nm processors, the 8 core San Paolo , and a monster 12 core now named Magny-Cours . Both of these processors will feature four HyperTransport 3 interconnects, 12MB of L3 cache and 512KB L2 cache per core. AMDs current roadmap claims standard support will include speeds from 800 to 1600 MHz. also counted 1974 pin connects on a leaked G34 diagram, which is 767 more pins than AMD's current LGA1207 socket.

2010 is a long time away in computer terms, and anything can happen with company roadmaps. As things stand AMD will launch Shanghai and Intel will launch Nehalem by the end of this year. It doesn’t appear that Shanghai will be a serious contender with Nehalem according to leaked documents from Sun (but you never know until you have the CPUs in hand), so I am expecting status quo in 2009, but hoping for better.  However, things look to get interesting in the processor wars in 2010, so we definitely have something to look forward to.

What do you think, is 2010 the year for an AMD comeback?

Image Credit: Based on image from BAD RABBIT INC

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