PC Gaming is in Rude Health, Concludes PC Gamer PAX East Panel



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Until some genius figures out a way to break the speed of light, serious realtime cloud gaming is a waste of time IMO.



Are Linux drivers good enough for gaming? Honest question. Last time I tried Linux, my Radeon 9800 performed terribly.



Rude Health? whats with the headline?



I was wondering the same thing. I have no idea what they meant.



Was really interested to hear what these guys had to say, but per usual the audio is horrible. why doesnt someone tell them to talk into the mics.



Seriously, what are these alleged gamers who play on Linux playing?

Linux for gaming still sucks. Linux has had years to rectify that, and Linux advocates have been saying that it has been rectified for years, but so little has been done that the day when a gamer can blow Windows off and can game on Linux without missing a beat is far, far away.



With multiple 4k, and VR headset of the future the best experience at least for the foreseeable future is going to be the PC. MS abandoned, if not actually hindered the PC gamer for several years while they pursued Xbox. I hope direct x 12 is good enough to make up for all those years, but I doubt it will be that earth shattering of a leap and not make up for the shortfall of their past. Intel has been pursuing mobile low power chips for a long time as well and power user desktops have been on the back burner. It is kind of sad when my old overclocked P-2600k basically can match the best overclocked Haswell years later. I’m hoping that Maxwell based next gen Titans in SLI will demonstrate the power to justify an upgrade and that there will be a killer must have application that will require it.



games are all about nanosecond responses. even 1 terrabyte speed internet speed couldnt handle a videocard signal because of the definition of "PING" network ping. these people have false hopes about the laws of psychics. but the fact is this will only be okay for some games.



I look forward to the day that I can ditch windows for gaming. With Valve's push onto Linux, we may finally see that reality happen.