PC-U6 Cowry is Another Snail Shaped Case from Lian Li

Paul Lilly

If Lian Li's new PC-U6 Cowry case is the funkiest thing you've ever seen, then you didn't catch our review of the company's PC-777 Memorial Edition chassis five years ago to the month. We awarded the PC-777 a 9 verdict and Kick Ass designation for its exotic looks, "old school huge" design (as Senior Editor Gordon Mah Ung described it), and quiet operation. Lian Li has brought the "seashell" design back (we think it looks like a snail) with a modern makeover.

As with most computer cases released these days, the PC-U6 Cowry mid-tower sports an all black design, inside and out. There's room for three 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch internal hard drives, all of which are tool-less and come with anti-vibration thumb screws with rubber suspension.

Cooling has been upgraded with two side-panel 120mm fans, each with a washable air filter. There's also a fan-speed control switch and plenty of ventilation holes on the front and rear panels.

Rounding out the makeover are two USB 3.0 ports and an eSATA port (HD audio ports also included) on the front panel, which is inexplicably located inconveniently on the base of the case. But that isn't the only quirky design decision. There's only a single external 5.25-inch optical drive bay, so you can forget about mounting both a Blu-ray reader and dedicated DVD burner. And finally, there are only four PCI slots on the back.

As with any product, we'll reserve judgement until we spend some hands on time with it, but on paper, we're skeptical this sequel will be as good as the original.

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Image Credit: Lian Li

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