PC Proves Fatal


The dog days of summer are upon us, which means not only keeping ourselves cool, but our PCs too. As we all know, ambient temperatures have a direct impact on how hot our components get, and even the best laid airflow schemes can find themselves lacking if your air conditioner's on the fritz. But who thought it could be fatal?

I've always been aware of the dangers of opening up a PSU, even one that's unplugged, but up until now, I've never heard of anyone being electrocuted from having their case open. But that's exactly what happened to one unfortunate 20-year-old student in Shanghai who opted to remove his PC's cover to cool the processor rather than run the air conditioner. While details are scarce , authorities suspect that the victim, Wu, brushed his sweaty legs against the internal components or wiring, causing the fatal electrocution.

Freak occurence or not, play it safe this summer and find alternative ways to keep your PC cool. Not just for your own safety, but if you own pets, those dangling, colorful wires can make awfully tempting chew toys. So rather than whisk your side panel to the side, run the air conditioner, invest in some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste, pick up a third party heatsink/fan combination, tidy up those wires for increased air flow, add a case fan or three, and above all else, find some time to turn the PC off and get outside in the sun! Just don't forget your SPF 45.

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