PC Power & Cooling Releases a UPS

Paul Lilly

Any long-time Maximum PC reader should be familiar with PC Power & Cooling, whose power supplies have been chosen for use in a number of Dream Machine configurations. PC Power & Cooling arguably stands in a class of its own, and so it makes sense that the company would venture into the world of Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), which it has done with the introduction of its Pro-Source 1500VA UPS.

"“PC Power & Cooling has a long history of delivering premium power management solutions to enthusiast and commercial customers, and the Pro-Source continues that tradition by addressing customers needs for superior UPS," commented Ryan Edwards , Director of Product Management for the Group. "The Pro-Source protects your investment by delivering a pure sine wave output for uninterrupted power to even the most demanding pc configurations in the event of an extended power disruption."

PCP&C claims its Pro-Source UPS will keep your rig powered for 10 minutes during a power outage, assuming a "typical load (600W)." The company also says its new UPS utilizes a pure sine wave as opposed to the "step" sine wave found in some lower quality units, making it the first pure sine wave, high output UPS retailing under $300. End-users can keep tabs on input/output voltage, frequency, load, backup time, and temperature with the included software, which can also send remote alerts.

The Pro-Source UPS is available now direct from PCP&P for a penny under $300.

Image Credit: PC Power & Cooling

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