PC Makers Announce Fermi Compatible Machines

Ryan Whitwam

With Fermi cards now street legal, PC makers are scrambling to convince you to buy a system from them using the new GPUs. Almost immediately after the announcement, CyberPower updated their build options with the Black Pearl, Black Mamba Fang Series and Gamer Xtreme 3D. All of these PCs have the option for Fermi cards. Not to be outdone, Origin PC announced options for the Fermi cards in their line of Genesis desktops.

If you have expensive tastes, Maingear has you covered with their monster $6000 SHIFT desktop with a Tri-SLI configuration of Fermi GPUs. If you only need two massively expensive cards in SLI, Digital Storm has a $5000 rig with two GTX 480s. That’s still nothing the sneeze at.

These are obviously prebuilt systems, and many early adopters prefer the DIY route. Are you planning to buy a Fermi card? If cost is a concern, where would the price point have to be for you to bite?

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