PC Gamers Left Out Of EA's Massive $1.6m Battlefield 3 Tournament

Brad Chacos

It’s fairly safe to say that PC gamers are getting SUPER MEGA PUMPED over the release of the upcoming Battlefield 3. Battlefield’s one of those games that was born on the PC and thrives on the PC; both AMD and Nvidia have released drivers in the past few days to let PC gamers get in on shooting fun. To get folks even more excited, EA and Virgin Gaming have teamed up to unleash a massive BF3 contest in 2012 with over $1.6 million in cash and prizes. Better start warming up that mouse! …Oh, wait. It’s console only.

“The biggest, most realistic, room-shaking FPS ever demands a tournament that will always be remembered,” the contest’s sign-up page brags . “That's why Virgin Gaming, and EA DICE have come together to bring you an online competition you'll be telling your grandkids about. So strap on your boots and check your magazine—when the spoils of war are this rich, you can bet things are gonna get messy.”

Then, um, it includes links for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners to register in the tourney. This is “THE LARGEST ONLINE CONSOLE GAME TOURNAMENT EVER,” you see. Sorry to break it to you, long time PC Battlefield fans. Oh yeah, you won't be able to get it through Steam, either .

While you’re recovering from that kick in the teeth, consider the words of GameStop President Tony Bartel. In an interview with IndustryGamers that mainly revolved around digital services and the future of cloud gaming, Bartel offered up this interesting tidbit: “We continue to believe that the console is a strong platform and will continue to be the gold standard.” That’s right, folks, consoles are apparently considered the gold standard. Maybe that’s why there’s no BF3 tournament for us lowly PC types?

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