PC Gamer's Handing Out a MILLION Dino D-Day Steam Keys!

Paul Lilly

You may beat the game, but not the price!

If we had a dollar for every Steam key PC Game r has given or plans to give away this summer, we'd be freaking millionaires living it up like Lloyd Christmast and Harry Dunne. More precisely, we'd have five million dollars. That's because PC Gamer has teamed up with Bundle Stars to give away five million Steam keys in five weeks . Our sister sister kicked off the promotion last week by announcing the availability of one million StemChem keys . Now that we're in week number two, PC Gamer announced that it's handing out a million Steam keys for Dino D-Day .

Dino D-Day is a multiplayer team-based shooter set in World War 2. Adolf Hitler and those darn Nazis discovered a way to resurrect dinosaurs, and of course they're being used for nefarious purposes. You can play as a T-Rex and blast your enemies with a jaw-mounted machine gun, to name just one of several dinorsaur scenarios.

Even though the game is three years old, it received a pretty big update last week that introduced some much improved graphics throughout the title. There are lots of weapons, dinosaur classes, and human classes to waste an afternoon (or weekend) with, and you won't find a better price on the planet!

Hit the link and claim your copy!

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