PAX East 2014: Interview With Oculus VR Founder Palmer Luckey [Video]



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“Facebook gives us the resources we need to develop a lot of custom hardware.”

Yea... Custom Sportscar, custom motorcycle, custom helicopter...



Facebook ruins everything. Oculus is dead, my money's on Project Morpheus.



I was a backer of their Kickstarter, and feel like they fulfilled all commitments to me. I got my headset, I continue to get free support and updates. They continue to develop their share marketplace so developers can see each other's work.

While I'm not crazy about who bought them, more money was always going to be necessary to bring a viable headset to market. They had already borrowed money to keep the company operating from venture capitalists.

Don't be angry because Palmer and his team had a great idea and might actually make some money off it. If you're also a backer, you've already gotten everything that was promised. You didn't buy stock in the company.



Not angry, just saddened that an innovative upstart like Oculus can't survive without big bucks from an odious corporate entity like Facebook.



I guess you didn't ask about them refunding the Kickstart money they received before being bought out by Facebook??



Unless video is going to be shot in a new way that caters to the unique perspective of the Oculus Rift then I don't see it replacing TVs as it would just be a TV that you strap onto your face, which we've had for years now.

Mr. Luckey doesn't have the deportment that I'd expect from someone in business. :(



I admire his vision, but honestly I don't see VR as a replacement for all screens. I envision most using it as a supplement for those instances where being singularly immersed would be more beneficial, such as (obviously) playing a video game, or a training aid, immersive remote viewing/control, therapy, or CAD development.

There is a social aspect of all your friends standing around watching some f#@%ed up youtube video like 2 Girls 1 Cup, or around the TV watching the Red Wedding scene in Game of Thrones that would be absolutely lost if everyone was on VR. It's not the end-all be-all display technology, but it is a VERY welcome addition.



I highly doubt that VR will replace TV's and Monitors. Nothing will replace the experience of watching something with friends or family and being able to see them. Let's not forget about the cost of having a personal screen for everyone that want's to watch something, much cheaper IMO to have one TV that anyone can watch. Of course he's going to hype up his product, but I have reservations about it, and wouldn't be surprised if it has a short lived have to have moment and then remains a niche product.



It's been said, with some justification, that no new medium ever replaces an old one. TV didn't "replace" radio, for example. Radio didn't "replace" books. The Internet hasn't "replaced" newspapers. On the other hand, new media ARE born, occasionally, and become the new dominant theme in our culture.

I have no wish to see Casablanca 'upgraded' for VR, any more than I want to see it in color, or 3D. But I am excited by the idea of educational video shot in VR format, for example. Or live concerts. Or SF virtual experiences. And certain types of games, of course. There are endless potential applications for inexpensive VR, which will go beyond - but not replace - whatever media we already enjoy.



This guy.....says cool things.