PAX East 2014: Intel Booth Tour [Video]

Sean D Knight

A 4K gaming laptop and the Aorus X7 gaming notebook

With 4K monitors on the shelves, it is only a matter of time before 4K laptops start to reach into the wallets of tech enthusiasts. Maximum PC’s Jimmy Thang got to see an Alienware 18-inch laptop running in 4K during his Intel booth tour at Pax East.

Hardly any information was provided on the laptop’s specs, though it was revealed that it has an Intel Core i7 4940MX Extreme Edition processor. The rep was also eager to point out that, while the stock processor speed is at 3.1GHz, it has been overclocked to 5.2 GHz.

To show off its abilities, Batman: Arkham Origins was being used to demo the impressive piece of hardware in 4K although Jimmy noted that the framerate was choppy.

No price or release date was provided.

During the tour Jimmy was also able to see the Aorus X7 gaming notebook . The 17.3-inch notebook features a metal chassis, dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M cards, and an Intel Core i7-4700HQ processor encased within a metal chassis. For storage, the notebook comes with one 1TB HDD and two 128GB SSDs

The Aorus X7 is 1.9-inches thick and weighs 6.39lbs. To keep it cool, it also has five cooling pipes, four vents, and two fans which have been designed to be at the rear, along with the GPUs, so that the consumer’s palms and fingers don’t get heated while using it.

Those wishing to purchase the Aorus X7 can do so for the starting price of $2,099.

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