PAX East 2014: HyperX Enthralls Attendees with Extreme RAM Overclocking Demo [Video]

Pulkit Chandna

Uses liquid nitrogen (LN2) for cooling

HyperX recently launched a new line of memory sticks dubbed Fury for entry-level gamers and enthusiasts . To celebrate the launch of its new memory line, which offers automatic overclocking, HyperX decided to try and furiously overclock some memory at the PAX East conference for the amusement of visitors to its booth. One such witness to HyperX’s memory overclocking antics happened to be Maximum PC’s very own Jimmy Thang.

Apparently, HyperX was targeting a 4000MHz speed as part of its extreme, liquid nitrogen-fueled RAM overclocking demo. Here is the video dispatch Mr. Thang sent us from the company’s booth at PAX East:

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