PAX East 2014: Cooler Master Unveils NovaTouch TKL Mechanical Keyboard [Video]

Sean D Knight

New feature dampens the sound of typing

Cooler Master has unveiled the NovaTouch TKL mechanical keyboard an Pax East . Maximum PC’s Jimmy Thang was able to see the new keyboard that features a silicon-based injection around the mechanical key switches.

The silicon-based injection helps absorb the friction and shock when two mechanical pieces are rubbing against each other. Sound is kept to a minimum as well  when a user is typing. As for the feel of the switch it is similar to, according to the rep, the Cherry MX Brown key switches.

One other interesting feature is that the key stems are backwards compatible with Cherry MX key caps. A major plus for keyboard enthusiasts who like to switch out the caps with their own.

The NovaTouch TKL is expected to come out sometime in the third quarter of 2014. No set price has been determined.

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