Patriot's Valkyrie is the Coolest Name for a NAS Box Ever

Paul Lilly

Compared to the Thecus N2200 or QNAP's TS-109 Pro, Patriot's new Valkyrie NAS device wins on name alone. But even though we're willing to award geek points for a name that doesn't suck, it's the hardware that ultimately matters.

Patriot's Valkyrie is a two-bay NAS box targeted for SOHO and prosumer users. It supports up to 4TB and comes configured with a 500MHz embedded processor and 128MB of RAM. Some of the features include RAID 0, 1, and JPBD support; FTP; UPnP and DLNA; iTunes server, user, and group management; One Touch Backup (OTB); PC-less download via BitTorrent; Active Director Services (ADS); and Dynamic DNS.

"The addition of Valkyrie to our NAS solutions, with its enhanced functionality and ease of use gives consumers a power solution at an affordable price," says Jack Chen, Patriots' Peripheral Product Manager. "Our goal is to bring products to the market that provide versatility, scalability, and functionality at a price that consumers feel offer comparable product features to the high end devices, yet are affordable to the everyday user."

The Valkyrie is available for preorder for $165.

Image Credit: Patriot

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