Patriot's Supersonic Rage XT Packs 32GB/64GB into Compact USB 3.0 Thumbstick

Paul Lilly

With AMD and Intel both fully (and finally) embracing the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard, it's almost impossible to pick up a system saddled with just USB 2.0 ports, especially with third-party companies like NEC and Marvell picking up the slack. That's good news, because USB 3.0 peripherals are quick becoming commonplace. One of the newest USB 3.0 products is Patriot Memory's Supersonic Rage XT, a high-performance thumbstick built around a compact form factor.

USB thumb drives aren't very big to begin with, but the Supersonic Rage XT , according to Patriot's spec sheet, is smaller than most, measuring .41 inches (D) by 2.1 inches (W) by .86 inches (H). That's not quite as itty-bitty as a pico drive, but it's certainly tinier than a traditional thumbstick.

The Supersonic Rage XT is available in 32GB and 64GB capacities. Both models boast up to 180MB/s read and up to 50MB/s write speeds and feature a rubber coated housing to protect from drops, spills, and general clumsiness. A retractable design further protects the drive from the rigors of travel and the daily grind.

As for MSRP and release date, those are specifics Patriot Memory unfortunately neglected to announce, saying only that they'll sell for a "very affordable price."

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