Patriot's Second Generation Pyro SE SSDs Get a Performance Bump

Paul Lilly

Patriot Memory just gave birth to a second generation Pyro drive line it's simply calling Pyro SE. Like its predecessor, the new Pyro SE solid state drive (SSD) sport a speedy SandForce SF-2281 controller, SATA 6Gbps interface, and blazing fast read and write speeds, the latter of which is slightly more peppy than the regular Pyro line.

Equipped with synchronous NAND flash memory, the Pyro SE line offers write speeds of up to 520MB/s, slightly faster than the original Pyro, which offers up to 515MB/s writes. Read speeds are the same at up to 550MB/s, and so are 4K random write IOPS at 85,000.

"The Patriot Memory Pyro SE will offer increased performance while still maintaining our aggressive pricing strategy," says William Lai, Patriot Memory's Product Manager. "The Patriot Memory Pyro SE will be the ultimate choice for performance users looking to increase productivity while not bankrupting their budget."

The Pyro SE will ship in 120GB and 240GB capacities. Patriot didn't bring up any MSRPs, saying only that the new drives will maintain an "aggressive price per performance ratio." We're currently waiting on Patriot to reply to our request for specific pricing information. For a point of reference, the original Pyro drives street for $205 (120GB) and $440 (240GB) before mail-in-rebate offers.

Update 10/11/11

Patriot has provided us with the following MSRPs:

  • Patriot 60GB Pyro SE: $130
  • Patriot 120GB Pyro SE: $210
  • Patriot 240GB Pyro SE: $450

There will also be some launch promotions associated with these drives, though details are still being hammered out.

Image Credit: Patriot Memory

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