Patriot Reveals the Fuel iON for Wirelessy Charging Smartphones

Sean D Knight

Magnets will charge your smartphone

Patriot Memory has unveiled its wireless charger the Fuel iON . The computer memory and mobile accessories manufacturer is looking to reinvent how mobile devices are charged wirelessly with the Fuel iON and will offer multiple charging bases, phone cases, and car chargers.

The Fuel iON kit, that includes a case and charging base, will be available for Apple’s iPhone 5/5s and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphones. The device uses magnets to recharge itself without needing to plug the device in or out with a wire. Instead, the case will securely dock to the accompanying charging base via the magnet power transfer pad that will charge up a user’s phone just as fast as a corded connection.

Both Apple and Samsung phone kits will retail for $79.99.

With the Fuel iON phone case there are some accessories. The Fuel iON charging pad will allow users to just lay their smartphone down on top of the pad to charge it and there is the  Fuel iON car charger as well. The charging pad will retail for $29.99 and the car charger for $49.99.

The entire Fuel iON line will be available to purchase July 2014.

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