Patriot Pitches G2 Series DDR3 as Fusion and FX Friendly

Paul Lilly

For better or worse, long gone are the days when memory kits were marketed based on frequency and timings alone. Now we have memory kits marketed for specific platforms and processors, a trend that's underscored by Patriot Memory's new "Gamer 2 (G2) Series, AMD Edition" aimed at -- *drum roll* -- gamers putting together an AMD-based system.

Patriot says its G2 series is specifically intended for AMD 9-series platforms. It's available in 4GB (2x2GB) and 8GB (2x4GB) capacities at speeds of 1333MHz and 1600MHz.

"AMD has done an outstanding job catering to the do-it-yourself crowd and the next-generation 9-series platform should be no different. Our Patriot Memory G2 series, AMD Edition modules are the perfect fit for the adventurous overclocker and users seeking system performance," says Les Henry, Patriot Memory's Vice President of Engineering.

These are low profile memory kits with low or enhanced latencies, including:

All G2 Series memory kits will ship later this month. No word on price.

Image Credit: Patriot Memory

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