Patriot Memory Releases Viper 3 RAM for Power Users

Paul Lilly

Computer memory might not be the sexy subject it once was back when your choice of RAM could make or break even a simple overclock, but if you're a power user looking to squeeze the most amount performance out of your system, memory still matters. It's those types of users Patriot Memory hopes to attract with its new Viper 3 memory series, purportedly engineered specifically for "the most demanding computing environments."

There are four color options to choose from, each of which has implications beyond aesthetics. The Viper 3 in Jungle Green, for example, is an eco-friendly series available in 1600MHz and 1866MHz frequencies. Sapphire Blue kits are Intel XMP 1.3 Certified and ship in 1600MHz, 1866MHz, and 2133MHz kits. Finally, the Black Mamba and Venom Red kits are both top of the line options that ship in the same frequencies as the Sapphire Blue and take aim at the 'high performance' crowd.

All Venom 3 kits are available in dual- and quad-channel configurations, up to 32GB and in single 4GB and 8GB DIMMs. The kits will ship in July, though Patriot Memory didn't disclose any MSRPs.

Image Credit: Patriot Memory

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