Patriot Lights Two New Wildfire Brand SSDs with SandForce

Paul Lilly

The selection of SandForce-driven solid state drives (SSDs) you have to choose from just got a little bit bigger today with the introduction of Patriot Memory's new Wildfire Pro and Wildfire SE drives. Both new additions come equipped with a SATA 6Gbps interface and SandForce SF-2281 chipset, a potent combination built for speed and, according to Patriot, reliability as well.

Patriot's Wildfire Pro and Wildfire SE are the performance flagships in the company's SSD lineup. They both offer built-in overprovisioning and wear leveling technologies such as DuraClass and DuraWrite to purportedly "protect against the wear and tear of high-end usage," Patriot says.

The Wildfire Pro is available in 100GB and 200GB capacities with up to 550MB/s sequential read and up to 500MB/s sequential write speeds. As for the Wildfire SE, it's available in 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities with no mention of specific performance numbers, though it features most of the same technologies (SandForce SF-2281, SATA 6Gbps interface, TRIM support, ECC protection, DuraClass, and DuraWrite). Update: Patriot Memory tells us "the main difference between the two drives are the capacities. The Wildfire Pro is available in Pro [models] having overprovisioning to allow for a longer life vs. the SE."

No word on price or availability.

Image Credit: Patriot Memory

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