Patriot Goes for Speed Crown, Launches World's Fastest DDR3 Memory

Paul Lilly

Like every other record, speed records are meant to be broken, and that seems to happen pretty often in the memory industry. Enter Patriot Memory, which on Monday announced its Viper II Series Sector 5 Edition 2500MHz DDR3 memory kit.

"Patriot has been delivering some of the fastest overclocking memory in the world, and our latest solution takes the crown as 'World's Fastest Memory,'" says Les Henry, Patriot's VP of Engineering. "Our in-house engineering expertise and knowledge of the enthusiast market has helped us push the boundaries and set the standard for DDR3 memory speeds. With Viper II Series Sector 5 Edition 2500MHz modules we are showcasing our expertise and deep understanding of the enthusiast market to push the boundaries and achieve new speeds and performance capabilities with DDR3 memory."

Available in dual-channel 4GB form, the new kit comes rated at 9-11-9-27 timings and has been designed specifically for Intel P55 platforms paired with Core i7 processors, Patriot says. The memory maker also claims the new kits utilize aircraft-grade aluminum heatspreaders.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: Patriot

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