Patent Judge Encourages Apple and Samsung to Settle Differences Over Phone

Paul Lilly

It's another day, and the way things have been going lately, that usually means another development in the patent trial between Apple and Samsung. Today is no exception, though if the presiding judge gets her wish, all this nonsense will come to an end, and not by way of a jury verdict. Instead, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh urged both companies to get on the horn one more time to see if they can come up with a settlement agreement.

"I'm going to make one more request that CEOs from both sides speak by phone," Koh said in court today, according to Bloomberg . "I see risks here for both sides."

This isn't the first time Koh has encouraged Apple and Samsung to try and talk things out. Earlier this year, Koh instructed Apple CEO Tim Cook to meet with Samsung's Choi Gee-sung, though the ensuing discussion didn't prove fruitful in the slightest.

As we've been covering extensively here on Maximum PC, Apple is suing Samsung for allegedly infringing on design patents and is seeking no less than $2.5 billion in damages and a permanent ban on several Galaxy devices. Samsung filed a counter-suit, also on the basis of infringement, and is seeking damages as well.

"If all you wanted is to raise that you have IP on these devices, message delivered," Koh said. "In many ways, mission accomplished. It's time for peace."

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