Partners Announced for Windows Phone Marketplace

Maximum PC Staff

Can’t have a smartphone OS these days without a companion app store, and Windows Phone 7 is no different. There’s no date for the opening of Windows Phone Marketplace, still Microsoft has been busy rounding up partners with wares to sell once it does.

On the list are Fandango, Sling Media, AP, Foursquare, Shazam, and Pandora. And they’ll present their apps in a Marketplace designed to sell: “The Marketplace features a panoramic design and active merchandising to increase the discoverability of games and applications, and supports one-time credit card purchases, mobile operator billing and advertising-funded applications.” A nice feature: customers will get to try before they buy.

With Windows Phone 7 due for release “holiday 2010” , it’s a reasonable bet the Windows Phone Marketplace will make an appearance about that same time.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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