Partial Steam Machine Tear Down Video Shows Off Excellent Cable Management

Paul Lilly

More tightly packed than a can of sardines

YouTube user Corey Nelson is one of the lucky few who received a prototype Steam Machine from Valve and one of the first things he did after receiving his system was tear it down on video. What's revealed from the 5 minute video is an impressive arrangement of components packed tightly together in a precise manner, yet not all that difficult to take apart and service or upgrade, should either need arise.

About a third of the entire housing is dedicated to the graphics card, which runs the length of the Steam Machine's backside. Once removed, there's a sizable void, which makes accessing the other parts a little bit easier.

One thing we found interesting is that all the shrouds holding down the parts in the video are plastic. This will help keep costs down, though servicing the Steam Machine might be a more delicate process as a result.

Towards the end of the video, Nelson points out there's room for a second storage drive in the prototype Steam Machine, along with an extra SATA cable in case a user decides to plop one in. The power cable that plugs into the installed drive sports dual-power connectors spaced appropriately. And speaking of cables, check out that cluster next to the power supply -- props to Valve on a job well done.

Take a look at the tear down and let us know what you think about it.

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