Parents Find Math Game Too Violent for School

Paul Lilly

A videogame that's fully funded by a Department of Defense grant is helping kids in Albuquerque, New Mexico learn about everything from basic properties to algebra two, but not everyone is on board with the idea.

"We are feeding the addiction of these children to videogames," Marlene Perrotte, a parent of one of the students, told her local news station. "What the recall is not the prime number they were talking about, but rather getting through to the enemy."

Some parents are taking exception both to using videogames as a learning tool, and because of the violent content. But according to Gary Bodman, this is just a modern take on flash cards, and none of the targets are human.

"This is something that is just like a 21st century flash card really," Bodman said. "They can use jetpacks and at the same time they have to know what the associative property is. Anything we can do to meet the kids on their own grounds and educate them is to our advantage."

View the video here , and then tell us in the comments section below if the concerned parents have a point or are overreacting.

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