Paramount Bringing "Enhanced Movie Apps" to Windows Phone 7

Ryan Whitwam

Paramount has announced that it will release 10 new apps for Windows Phone 7 , each one will be a so-called "enhanced app" for a particular feature film. These apps will be built on Microsoft's Silverlight technology ad will include the full feature length film. The forst apps out of the gate will be School of Rock, Zoolander, Waiting for Superman, and GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. More movie apps will be launched in the near future.

Other than the film, users will get the ability play Scene It trivia for the movie, create clips, and identify actors or props while the movie is playing. The apps themselves will follow the Windows Phone 7 design guidelines with the expansive scrolling columns and sharp text.

There are still some unknowns. First and foremost it price. Paramount has not announced how much they will be charging for these apps. Second, we don't know if the content in this app will be usable on any other devices, or with a larger screen. The apps appear to only be for playback on the phone, but could perhaps be expanded to other platforms in the future. If the apps are too expensive and rigid, we can't see this being a sustainable method of content distribution.

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