Paradise Desk on Kickstarter Boasts More Connections than a Hollywood Agent

Paul Lilly

Finally, someone built a desk for power users

A person could argue that not nearly enough attention is paid to the computer desk, the one piece of equipment that you're apt to hold onto for years and years. David Wrobel set out to change that and so he came up with the Paradise Desk, supposedly the first desk designed from head to toe for the computer enthusiast. This thing is loaded with features, and thanks to Kickstarter , it's going to be a reality.

With more than two weeks to go, Paradise Desk has received over $80,000 in pledges from around 300 backers, far surpassing the project's $30,000 goal. Half of the six stretch goals have already been reached, and if Paradise Desk receives $130,000 in funding, all six stretch goals will have been met.

So, what's so special about this desk? The concept of the Paradise Desk is that it acts as an extension of the computer and all your various electronic gadgets. Your PC and monitor both plug directly into the desk, which helps reduce cable clutter. It also features seven built in USB 3.0 ports, audio ports, DVI input, four power plugs located near the back, and a power LED.

Thanks to having met stretch goals, it will also have an HDMI port, an additional USB port, and a headphone holder. If the other goals are met, the final design could also boast a cable package, undermounted lighting, and a cup holder.

Check out the project's Kickstarter page and let us know what you think!

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