Pandora's Future on Windows Phone 7 Uncertain

Ryan Whitwam

Maybe we put too much stock in Microsoft's emphatic insistence that streaming music service Pandora was going to be a launch app for Windows Phone 7. It seemed like a lock, but now Pandora has been backing away from that commitment . Their twitter feed last week said there was no app in the works, and they have no clarified the situation slightly. "I'm not sure if/when we will be available on [Windows Phone 7]. Appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic suggestions. I’m passing the feedback on," a Pandora spokesperson told BGR.

The Pandora app has been wildly popular on other platforms like iOS, Android, and webOS. Many users that are switching will expect the service to be available. It could be that Pandora is waiting for some sort of background audio streaming capability in WP7, but they managed to get along without that on iOS for a few years. Competing services and Slacker have already deployed WP7 apps to offers users some choice in streaming audio.

Pandora later clarified they intended to be "everywhere our listeners want us to be". But Pandora PR reiterated they have no plans to announce any Windows Phone 7 plans at this time. Does the lack of Pandora on WP7 make it less attractive to you?

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