Pandora Survives iTunes Radio Launch, Punches Back with Impressive Stats

Paul Lilly

Most listerers are using iTunes Radio to supplement Pandora, not replace it

Fans of Pandora can exhale now, the streaming service survived its biggest challenge yet -- iTunes Radio. There was some speculation that iTunes Radio could ultimately push Pandora out of the market by stealing away its listeners, but not only has that not happened, Pandora responded by serving up 1.47 billion hours of music in October, the second highest monthly level in the history of the company.

That's an 18 percent bump from a year ago, and not far from the service's record 1.49 billion hours served in March, the final month before Pandora decided to slap a 40-hour-per-month cap on mobile freeloaders, the Associated Press reports .

Pandora wisely chose to remove the 40-hour monthly cap on September 1, just two weeks ahead of Apple's iTunes Radio launch. The number of active listeners ended up dropping from 72.7 million to 70.9 million by the end of the month anyway, but it's still holding its own amid fierce competition not only from iTunes Radio, but Spotify as well. What's more, a recent survey by Canaccord found that 92 percent of respondents who tried iTunes Radio still use Pandora, CNET reports .

Wonder which streaming service is best suited for you? Stay tuned -- we recently put several different services through their paces and will give you skinny on each one. We'll be posting that feature soon.

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