Pandora Computer/Console Handheld Nearly Completed

Paul Lilly

Pandora's upcoming handheld gaming console is just about ready for retail, but should you be excited? At least one fan forum member is, who was invited by the company to test out a pre-production model and was so impressed that he " considered stealing it. "

In a video demo posted to YouTube, one of the developers shows off the handheld's nub controls, which he uses manipulate Mario in Mario 64 through emulation software. The nubs are essentially a pair of low profile thumbsticks, and will probably be a welcome addition to handheld gaming.

Some of the other features a keyboard, touchscreen, a TV-Out port, and plenty more. In short, it's real, it looks pretty awesome, and it's coming soon.

YouTube Video Demo

Image Credit: forum member Balzac2m

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