Pandigital Expands eReader Line with First ePaper Model

Paul Lilly

Pandigital Novel, whose existing line of eReaders are found in retailers nationwide such as Macy's, Kohl's, Kmart, JC Penny, Nordstroms, Walmart, and dozens more, added a new model to its lineup, the first of which to use ePaper technology.

The new Pandigital novel Personal eReader comes with a 6-inch electrophoretic ePaper display that's purportedly easy to read in bright sunlight and is non-reflective, just as an eBook reader should be. It boasts an 600x800 resolution and a touchscreen interface.

Like previous models, the new eReader comes integrated with the Barnes & Noble eBookstore. It has 2GB of internal memory, a built-in memory card reader to expand storage up to 32GB, Wi-Fi, a virtual keyboard, and a built-in mini USB port.

MSRP has been set to $200 "and is expected to sell at even lower everyday retail pricing and promotional pricing."

Image Credit: Pandigital

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