Panasonic Ushers in Olympic Games with World's Largest Plasma Display

Paul Lilly

If the choices are to go big or go home, Panasonic (and NBC) will take the former. Just how big are we talking? Panasonic says it has been selected to provide its 152-inch Plasma display to NBC during the network's coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

In addition to providing the world's largest plasma display, Panasonic also promised to serve up technical and engineering support.

"As a worldwide Olympic partner, Panasonic is honored to be able to provide NBC with our 152-inch Plasma Display for their coverage of the Vancouver Winter Games," said Nelkin. "Our 152-inch Plasma is the world's largest Plasma Display Panel and is the perfect technology on which to show all of the exciting, fast-paced action and stunning imagery of the Olympic Winter Games."

So what are the specs on a 152-inch display? Try 8.84 million pixels, or 4096 x 2160. That's four times the 1080p HD specification of 1920 x 1080. Panasonic says the screen size is equivalent to nine 50-inch plasmas with an effective viewing area of 11.2 feet.

We wonder how long it will take someone at NBC to hook up an Xbox 360.

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