Panasonic Developing Battery Strong Enough to Power Your Whole House

Maximum PC Staff

Green technology is an up-coming wave for the future, and Panasonic intends to be riding that wave when it crests. Panasonic has just announced it will “be the first to bring to the market a storage battery for home use , which can store sufficient electricity for about one week of use.”

Panasonic is building on its recent acquisition of a 50 percent share of Sanyo , which possesses advanced rechargeable battery technology. Through Sanyo, Panasonic intends to produce a lithium-ion power cell that will complement solar and fuel cells (neither of which can store electricity). Panasonic’s objective, it says, is to help us realize a “CO2 emission-free daily life.” Panasonic claims it has already test-manufactured such a battery.

Interestingly, Panasonic’s efforts aren’t targeted toward the eco-friendly markets emerging in the United States and Europe. According to Fumio Otsubo, the president of Panasonic, the battery is intended for “middle-income people in such emerging countries as China and India, which haven't been hit by deflationary pressure.” It would seem that Panasonic no longer views us as a profit-center.

Panasonic is aiming for its battery to be on the market by 2011 .

Image Credit: Panasonic

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