Panasonic, Best Buy Announce Shipment of First US 3D TVs

Maximum PC Staff

Like it or not, the next big rage in LCD TVs is going to be 3D--if we judge by the behavior of television manufacturers. For example, Panasonic, in partnership with Best Buy, is making a serious commitment to bring this new technology to us .

Panasonic’s campaign will start in 300 Best Buy stores in major U.S. cities (with 1,000 stores by the end of the year), where special 3D video sections will be constructed to show off Panasonic’s wares. Panasonic will also sweeten its deal with consumers by undercutting Japanese MSRP by 30% or so. A 50-inch 3D TV is expected to go for about $2,500. Unfortunately, these Panasonic models will lack the web access functions commonplace on their Japanese versions.

Panasonic reports a goal of selling one million 3D TVs globally during this fiscal year, with half of those being sold in the United States. Panasonic figures this will give it a 50% share of the global market for this new product niche.

Roll-out starts this Wednesday.

Image Credit: EllenJo/Flickr

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