Palm Snags a Couple of Mozilla Devs for the Pre WebOS


Palm hooked a couple of Mozilla’s finest developers to work on the Palm’s WebOS. Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith will leave their posts at Mozilla where they worked with the Developer Tools Lab.

Almaer and Gailbraith are well known for their work with JavaScript, Ajax concepts, and web development ideas. The two were also behind the web editor Bespin , an open source cloud-based web editor. With their new positions at Palm they’ll be expected to improve the WebOS and the community surrounding it, in hopes to increase software for the platform.

Almaer goes into more detail as to his personal motivations behind taking the position on his blog . Talking about his previous position he says he’d like to “thank the Mozilla community and look[s] forward to continuing to work for the Open Web.”

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