Palm Pre 2 Specs Outed by French Carrier

Ryan Whitwam

French carrier SFR may have gotten a little ahead of themselves recently when they posted specs for the Palm Pre 2 . The images they used appear to be stock shots from the original Pre, but the specs are in line with what rumors have previously indicated. According to SFR, the Pre 2 will pack a 1GHz CPU (probably an OMAP3630) and 512MB of RAM. The phone will be running on WebOS 2.0 as well.

It's now been about a year since Palm launched the Pixi, a low end companion to the Pre. Since then Palm has fallen off its game and was bought by HP, which intends to use WebOS on printers. We can only hope that the rumors of a new Palm phone are true. With these rumored specs, WebOS could finally get the horsepower is deserves. The problem, will users care when Palm releases another phone, or will they have already moved on? What do you think? Real specs or not?

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