Palm Pre 2 is Official: Out in France Friday, Verizon Later

Ryan Whitwam

After all the rumors and leaks, the Palm Pre 2 has been officially outed by HP . This will be the first device to ship with HP webOS 2.0 that has been detailed for months now. The Pre 2 will pack all the software experiences we are used to in webOS, from multitasking cards, to the HP Synergy syncing solution. WebOS now has support for stacking cards for better viewing, and access to the Adobe Flash 10.1 beta.

The Pre 2 is an upgrade in some ways, and looks like its standing still in others. The form factor is mostly the same, but with slightly flatter edges. The slider portrait keyboard is still there as well. The camera has been updated to a 5MP sensor, but it is still just extended depth of field, not autofocus. The CPU will be a 1GHz chip; presumably a TI OMAP. The screen is, disappointingly, still only HVGA resolution.

France will see the phone this Friday on carrier SFR. US residents will have their chance in the next few months with the Pre 2 landing on Verizon. If this an intriguing phone for you, or is it just too little too late?

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