Palm Lays Off Employees as HP Deal Closes

Ryan Whitwam

This is the way of things; just as the sun sets in the west, so do companies fire people when they get acquired. Palm is reportedly laying off a number of employees now that the sale to HP is complete. No one is talking hard numbers right now. But considering the size of HP, it makes sense to ditch redundant administrative positions. We don't know if any engineers are getting the boot. Palm is going to need them to come back from the dead a second time.

Talking to All Things D, a Palm spokesperson said, "Part of the integration strategy is consolidation of functions and operations, as appropriate." We assume the staff was aware of this possibility, but it's still rough. Given HP's resources we hope these unfortunate employees get a nice severance package. After all, they stuck with Palm this far as others were jumping ship left and right.

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