Palm CEO Still Working The Interview Circuit & Defending WebOS

Maximum PC Staff

Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein gave an exclusive interview to CNN Money today, and it was an ugly sight. Everyone knows that we loved the Palm Pre when it debuted at CES in 2009, but it was quickly lost in the smart phone shuffle among heavyweights such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The hardware and software concepts gave it a serious chance to compete with the big guys, but in the end the lackluster launch didn't win over enough third party developers, causing the platform to stagnate next to its rivals.

Given the gruesome reality facing Rubinstein these days, I think most people are surprised to see he is still working the interview circuit at all. The vast majority of the CNN questions were a spin on "Guess you guys are out of luck" and "so has anyone offered to buy Palm yet"? Despite the hard line, Rubinstein maintains that Palm has "tremendous assets" and that people should take note of the state of the company prior to webOS.

Palm's primary advantage at this point lies in its ability to multitask, but if the platform lacks compelling applications, who cares how many of them you can run in the background. Everyone here is hoping Palm has what it takes to turn its fortunes around, but there isn't an analyst out there right now with as much optimism about the company's future as Rubenstein.

Feel free to check out the full interview , and let us know what you think lies in the future for Palm.

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