Palm Applies for 'PalmPad' Trademark, webOS Tablet Incoming?

Ryan Whitwam

Ever since the HP acquisition of Palm went through, we've been waiting with bated breath for news of a webOS tablet. Despite HP's assurances they were moving in that direction, we haven't had any direct evidence until now. Palm has filed an application with the USPTO asking for a trademark on the name "PalmPad". It's unthinkable this could be anything else.

Previous rumors have pegged a webOS slate with the internal codename "Hurricane". Clearly, this was far to awesome of a name to actually grace the product. As for the HP Slate running Windows 7, it's nowhere to be seen. The launch of the iPad may have lit a fire under HP, because this PalmPad device is rumored to be out sometime this fall. That sounds like a lot of wishful thinking to us, but only time will tell. What do you make of this? A webOS tablet, nothing at all,  or Palm Foleo 2?

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