Palit Joins 2GB GeForce GTX 460 Party

Paul Lilly

Palit has just become the newest member in the 2GB GeForce GTX 460 club, joining Gainward, Sparkle, and Zotac as the only other manufacturers (so far) to slap 2GB on this mid-range Fermi part.

Natrually, memory alone does not a performance part make, and so Palit opted to goose the clockspeeds a touch. The card itself cruises along at 700MHz, up slightly from Nvidia's reference 675MHz clockspeed, while the 2GB of memory runs at 950MHz, up from 900MHz stock.

So far we're not seeing any vendors selling this card in the U.S. We suspect that will change, and in the meantime, a handful of U.K. vendors are charging about £190, or $301 USD for the part. For the sake of comparison, Palit's 1GB version sells for $230 on Newegg, while 460 cards from other manufacturers run anywhere from around $200 to $250.

Image Credit: Palit

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