Palit, Gainward Introduce The U.S.'s First 4GB GTX 680 Graphics Cards

Brad Chacos

Judging from the comments left on various articles, a lot of you have yet to bite into the juicy GTX 680 apple. Some of you flat-out can't find one available; others have been waiting for 4GB models to start rolling out. Good news for the latter camp: today, both Palit and Gainward announced the launch of new GTX 680s with 4GB of DRAM onboard. (You still probably won't be able to find them that easily, though!)

The new Palit GeForce GTX680 JetStream 4GB comes with a triple fan design, 6-phase PWM and DrMOS technology. Even though the JetStream 2GB came with a decent core/mem overclock and the JetStream 4GB sticks to reference speeds, Palit says the memory boost helps the 4GB model to outperform its linemate by up to 12 percent in Far Cry 2.

The Gainward GeForce GTX 680 Phantom 4GB sticks to stock clock speeds, too, unlike the overclocked 2GB GTX 680 Phantom . This card's claim to fame -- aside from the 4GB of DRAM, of course -- is Gainward's proprietary dual-fan "Phantom II" cooler, which the company says is "the most silent air-cooled board in the market you can find."

Like the Palit JetStream 4GB, the Gainward GTX 680 Phantom 4GB rocks a 6-phase PWM with DrMOS tech and comes with an overclocking utility for those looking to boost those boring reference speeds.The similarities likely aren't a coincidence, as Palit owns Gainward.

Pricing? Availability? Neither company spit out details, although we're guessing these 4GB GTX 680s will cost a lot of dough and be hard to find.

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