Packard Bell Pushes Out HD Media Player

Paul Lilly

Remember Packard Bell? Believe it or not, the company is still around, though in quite a different fashion than those beige rigs you probably remember fixing over a decade ago. Packard Bell, now a subsidiary of Acer, maintains a presence in Europe where it recently announced its Studio ST home entertainment media player.

"If you are looking for an external drive to carry your personal music, videos, and photos and play them back on a TV set, the new multimedia storage Packard Bell Studio ST is the perfect partner," Packard Bell said in a press release. "With its distinctive angular shape, its black glossy finish, its compact and stylish design, it perfectly fits any home interior."

Aesthetics aside, the Studio ST supports playback of 1080p video over HDMI with Dolby Digital and comes with 500GB to 2TB of disk space. Playing the part of the artful dodger, Packard Bell doesn't list out specific codec support, saying only that the Studio ST "plays all version of the most common videos, pictures, and audio files."

The Studio ST comes with a USB port, and in a move we wish other manufacturers would follow, Packard Bell includes all the cables you'll need, including composite A/V, YPbPr, HDMI, and USB.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: Packard Bell via Engadget

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