Pa. University Giving All Students iPads, Macbooks

Ryan Whitwam

Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania is a small institution of higher learning with a mere 2,100 students. According to an announcement made by the school today, all 2,100 of those students will be getting an iPad . The school’s iPad page says of the move, “This new program provides students with the best in technology and collaborative learning tools.”

The iPad program is part of the Griffin Technology Advantage Program which also provides students with 13-inch Macbook. Students are encouraged to use the devices in class and at home. The school will replace the Macbooks every two years. No word on replacement iPads though. All items provided as part of the Griffin Technology Advantage Program are owned by the students so they can take everything with them after graduation.

Seton Hill’s programs are geared at developing tech savviness in their attendees. However, it still remains unclear how much the school will use the iPads in a classroom environment. We predict a lot of games of Plants vs. Zombies will be happening in those lecture halls.

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