Ozzy Coming to BlizzCon? Stranger Things Have Happened

Nathan Grayson

You’ve seen the commercials . You know what’s up. According to television – which never lies – Ozzy Osbourne is a level 80 undead warlock who managed to solo his way up until a fateful -- and lopsided -- showdown with Arthas. The metal legend has every reason to be at BlizzCon. So when a DirectTV listing for BlizzCon popped up with Ozzy’s name front-and-center, we weren’t too surprised.

Obviously, Ozzy’s purported “special appearance” at BlizzCon would seem to suggest a performance of some sort – hopefully of both the rock and roll varieties, and not some tearful unveiling of Ozzy’s secret affair with WoW cosplay.

Guess we’ll find out for sure next week, when BlizzCon blows through Anaheim. So, who’s going? And who wishes they were going now that Ozzy’s thrown his tier six hat into the ring?

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